Mini Hornit Black/Yellow (แตรไฟฟ้า)


Electronic lights and sounds for your bike or scooter

Encourages gross motor skills, safety, imaginative play

Left button chooses sound - right button plays sound

Front button chooses light setting - solid white, flashing white, fast-flashing white, solid green, flashing green

Top back button stops all actions

Back button chooses between 3 volume settings

Sound effects include bike bell, hooter, Ole trumpet, dixie horn, cycle race klaxon, racing cars, motorbike, car crash, helicopter, aeroplane, bomb dropping, laser, UFO, zapper, police car, fire engine, burp, fart, magic spell, magic carpet, lion, elephant, horse, rooster, angry hornet Rubber wing straps strap onto any handlebars easily with 3 size slots Remote trigger - easy to control sounds while riding Available in black, blue, purple, and red Includes mini hornit, remote trigger Detailed instructions included Requires 2 AAA batteries - includedHighly durable construction with strong materials - long-lasting enjoyment

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แบรนด์ Hornit
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